Laser Cutting & Machining

Local Fabrication to Boost Your Efficiency

Shi Yi Hang workshop provides laser cutting & engraving, multi-axis CNC, precision 3D printing as well as large size 3D printing,  & ability to read different CAD formats.  We also have conventional machining equipment : Lathing, Milling, Tapping, Trimming, Drilling, Sawing, Arc Welding, Soldering, Sandblasting…..

Laser cutting metal plate with electroplating
With our Chinese metal laser cutting partner, we can help you to laser cut stainless steel, iron and aluminum plates with electroplating services.  The turn around time is about two weeks.  The price of the following sample with 18cm diameter is HK$300.  There is minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.

Stainless Steel Case
You may give us your case dimension in hand sketch, we shall design and fabricate your stainless steel metal case in a few days.  The process involves sheet metal layout design, laser cutting, bending and spot welding.

Customized Precision Parts
Using our precision machining equipment, we may help you to make customized parts which 3D printing may not achieve your expectation.  Example below is a small screw with thread UMC 4-40.

Photo to Laser Cut Services
By using raster to vector technologies, we can help you to convert your bitmap image into 2D vector for laser cutting quickly.  This saves our time and reduces your costs.  1.  You send your image to our website and specify the width and height of your image object.  2.  We shall autotrace your image and quote you the price for laser cutting or other 2D machining. (Note: There may be errors from your camera optical distortion)

Consumer Metal Printing Services
Shi Yi Hang developed new low cost 3D metal printing services in Hong Kong.  The initial service is : 1.  Printing envelop of 30mm x 25mm x 25mm  2.  Iron Copper Alloy / Copper Zinc Alloy  3.  Estimated tensile strength of 445MPa  (structural steel is 400-550MPa)  4.  Cost: HK$500.  You need to supply us the STL file for printing.

High Resolution Laser Scanning Service
Our scanning devices support the use of turntable for precision object scanning as well as handheld scanning for bigger objects.

Laser Cutting
Maximum dimension: 1,300×900 (mm)  or 2,600×900 (mm) for flip machining

Material: Metal, Fabrics, Leather, Wool, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Wood Products, Plastics, Rubber, Tiles, Crystals, Jade, Bamboo Products, Granite, Marble, & Epoxy Resins

Metal Engraving

Name Plate

Cloth Cutting


Multi-axis CNC

UV Printing
Using the latest UV printing technologies to give you instant color printing on different types of surface.  Creating your brand logo with pictures on your products is now done in minutes.

Large Dimension 3D Printing
SHI YI HANG offers very big size 3D printing service to the consumer market in Hong Kong.  0.6 meter x 0.6 meter x 0.6 meter printing envelop can accommodate big prototyping projects.  With our engineering services, we may assist customers to build even bigger size than our printing envelop using joints.

Furniture Printing

Light Box

Sand Blasting for Polishing

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