Watch Rack

Watch, the problem

Many people have more than one watch.  It is easy to forget you have a watch you from your parents as birthday gift.  Why don’t we create a watch rack which can display all your watches in a handy rack.  It decorates the home with your watches.  It reminds you it is time to change.  It shows you there is a watch no longer clicking.

We are planning to make a sample watch rack which you may order with features you would like to add. You may customize features like:

  • Number of watches per row
  • Number of rows
  • Color of rack

Please contact or use our Enquiry page to let us know if you would like to order this customized watch rack.  We shall send you the basic design after we collect key feature inputs from people like you.  With you ideas taken to help us to design this rack, we are going to offer you buy one and get one free.  Don’t wait, join our social design game and get the useful watch rack for yourself.

Design Consideration:

  • Different watch straps and bracelets need different mounting and fixture
  • Need minimal pins to the wall
  • Convenient, Convenient, Convenient

Common Watch Rack design found in the market: